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We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in New York, and surrounding areas.

Free diagnostic check • 5.0 Reviews
  • Your car has problems - they need to be fixed

    Automobiles have hundreds of parts, and any of those defective parts can cause a serious car accident. We are here to prevent you and your family from an accident by fixing your car - making it safe to drive.

    Boost your safety

    Maintain vehicle value

    Lower running costs

    We can help you with

    Our mechanics can fix virtually anything

    Engine Repair

    We will take a look at your engine and see if it can be fixed or needs to be changed.

    Tire Repair

    We will demount your tire and inspect what's the problem so we can fix it.

    Belt Change

    We can replace your belt with a new one that's going to last for a good time.

    Brake Repair

    Our experts will diagnose your brake issues to determine brake repair and replacement cost.

    Oil Change

    We provide a full service oil change for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

    Fuel Cleaning

    We will clean your fuel system to increase your engine performance.

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    If you need something else, give us a call

    Drive and get your car repaired today

    If you need your car repaired today, please contact us right now and we will help you get it fixed.

    Car doesn't move? We'll towe it for you

    If you can't move your car, we can help you towe it. Just call us anytime and we will pick your car very shortly.

    Our team towe multiple cars a day and you can trust that your car will be safe with us.

  • Give us a call 686 554 123

  • Why choose us

    We provide the best prices in the market right now

    Always Open

    Our shop is open 24/7 and you can leave your car anytime. Please call us before arrival.

    Affordable Price

    We are the only car repair shop who provide affordable prices for any car owner in New York.


    Our team is qualified to do their work and follow strict guidelines to achieve the best work.

    About us

    Our car repair shop is located in New York. We strive to provide the best levels of service to all our customers. We offer an extensive range of car repair services for cars of all makes and models.

    If you need help, please give us a call right now.

  • Give us a call 686 554 123

  • Our clients are happy

    Most of our customers get their cars fixed in short two days

    ''They fixed the brakes and it feels a lot better now when I brake. Thanks.''

    Jack R.

    Dodge Owner

    ''Thanks for noticing that I forgot to change the oil for two years. Great find.''

    Laura W.

    Honda Owner

    ''My new engine really gives more power to the car. Now I can race!''

    Toni I.

    Ford Owner

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    It's time to fix your car and be safe on a road. Please schedule your appointment with us right now.

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    Your Questions Answered

    What type of cars you repair?

    We repair cars of all makes and models. We are sure we will be able to repair your car.

    How long repair work takes?

    It depends on multiple factors. First we have to see your card and then we can give you any time estimates.

    Do you sell parts?

    We do sell parts but not all parts are available. We can order any part for you so you don't have to worry about anything.

    Can you check my car today?

    Please give us a call to check for availability. Sometimes we can check and fix your car the same day.

    Call 686 554 123

    Have questions? Talk to us

    Book your appointment with us today!

  • 22 Innovative, San Francisco, CA 94043, US

  • 686 554 123

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